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How to Fuse Technology With Creativity

Creativity and technology go hand in hand, and nowhere more so than in the marketing industry. Here, innovation is welcomed, and in fact, necessary to stay ahead of the competition. With advances in creative technology, the choice of marketing tools grows every day.

What is Tech Creativity?

This may be a new buzzword, but the concept behind it deserves further exploration. Technology requires the use of data and a logical mindset, whereas creativity relies on imagination and instinct. When the two are brought together, tech creativity is the result. Once a creative idea for marketing comes to the fore, amplifying it with technological innovations, takes it to a whole new level. However, at the end of the day, the results must lead to customer conversion.

The Future of Creative Tech Innovation

The continued advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality will bring more innovation in the upcoming decades. What was previously thought of as mere concepts from science fiction can now be brought to life. Already, the likes of Google Lens have opened up the use of the mobile phone to quickly identify an object, perhaps overtaking the use of voice searches.

At the heart of these forward-thinking ideas lies nothing more than innovation. This is the ability to take a technological concept and apply creativity to it, fusing the two together to provide a solution to a customer's problems. Exciting times lie ahead for the marketing industry.